Over the last decade I have maintained and added several research interests. From my BS in archaeology to current interests in geospatial technologies and New Media the following list covers areas in which I currently have active, or recently completed, projects.

Geographic Information Science – GIScience is the area of research that has grown out the critical assessment of Geographic Information Systems to ask questions about GIS and related technologies, impact of GIS on society, the intersection of GIS and theory.

Cultural Landscapes/Landscape Archaeology – I came to Geography through an interest in the spatial issues brought out by Landscape Archaeology. Cultural landscapes are a frame on human interaction that allow for a contextual study of social, economic and environmental impacts.

Shell-bearing archaeological sites – Shell-bearing sites are an intriguing microcosm of archaeological evidence offering a snap shot on daily life from subsistence activities, tools created and used, population estimations, and a view on the environment in which prehistoric peoples lived.

Geovisualization – geovisualization can be seen as a subset of GIScience as it focuses on the how scientific visualization and cartography can working in tandem to support exploration and presentation of spatial information.

Geoweb – Also related to GIScience, the geoweb, or geospatial web, is tied to the new location-oriented web services, webmapping applications, and virtual globes that are coming out of industry which are having a significant impact on the general public.

Phenomenology and Semiotics – Both phenomenology and semiotics offer a philosophy and structure for understanding human perception and interpretation of the world we inhabit.

Geography Education – Geography education at the k-16 level and beyond is changing dramatically from issues tied to the “Millennial Generation” to the rapid dissemination of spatial concepts to a broader audience thanks to the geoweb technologies.

New Media – Podcasting and blogging offer new methods of communication and offer easily accessible distribution mediums through which to offer both formal and informal education at all levels.

If you have questions regarding any of the above research areas or if you would like to collaborate please feel free to contact me.