About Me

Scotland in 2004.

Greece in 2015

Japan in 2019

I am currently a faculty member in the Department of Geology and Geography at UNC Pembroke focusing on Geographic Information Science and Cultural Geography. In my “spare time” I am also the Co-Founder, Producer, Co-Host, and Geospatial Technology Director of VerySpatial, LLC, a New Media company that focuses on sharing information about Geography and geospatial technologies. Spatial concepts fill my life at this point from the toys that I buy to the way I spend my free time.

While I have moved from Archaeology to Geography in terms of degrees, I still maintain my standing as a Registered Professional Archaeologist (RPA) and research interest in Archaeology, including my thesis and dissertation research which both look at prehistoric landscape archaeology. In addition, I am a Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP) through the GIS Certification Institute. This link between cultural geography (often through landscape archaeology) and geospatial technologies is my current primary research focus.

Finally, I have a significant interest in technology, especially in geospatial technologies and the hardware and software that underlies them. I have acted as system administrator and part-time web person for various offices and labs for about 25 years for Windows, Mac OS, and Unix/Linux systems.

Last updated Summer 2020